Sunday School

We have a rhythm (sort of) to our Sunday mornings, as far as Sunday School is concerned. We wither are meeting in classrooms (by age group), or all together (all ages) for GIFT Sunday School, or not meeting at all due to holiday, etc. CLICK HERE to view a SUNDAY MORNINGS calendar.
  • Sunday Morning Classrooms/Groups
    • PreK - Grade 1
    • Grades 2 - 6
    • Grades 7 - 12
  • G.I.F.T. Sunday School

BIBLES we use for Sunday School. Other versions of the bible are obviously acceptable, but these are the ones we give out to our children & youth for the youth of Sunday School, Camp & Retreats, Confirmation, and for use at home!

PreK - 1st Grade

Grades 2-6

Grades 2-6

Grades 7-12