Thursday, May 28, 2020

May 31 Pentecost

Teaching children about Pentecost is not an easy task. 
Teaching children about "an invisible God" is not easy, either. So it can get complicated when trying to explain God-With-Us in the form of a Spirit. But do tell the story! There will no doubt be interesting moments in the telling of the story, and most certainly how it will be heard/interpreted. Here are some practical ways for you to "show" kids different methods we adults use when we think about the Spirit. IF WE WERE TO MEET FOR WORSHIP IN PERSON, you'd see a lot of red today. Look all around today for the color of red. Are any of these other ways (below) easy for you when thinking about the Holy Spirit?
WIND  pinwheel, windsock, streamers, kite, sail boat, chimes, wind turbine
FIRE / FLAME  candle, campfire, fireplace
BIRD  dove (most common image for bird/Spirit)  think Jesus' baptism
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHURCH  We all can understand birthdays. The Christian Church often associates Pentecost with the "birth of the Church." 
  • VIDEO of multiple languages reading from Acts, chapter 2
  • Be sure to check out the FPC worship service video for May 31
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Sunday, May 31

YOUTH  easy and appropriate for teens
  another option is this YOUTH LESSON from Illustrated Ministry
  here's an excellent VIDEO from The Bible Project (video description below)
In this video, we explore the original meaning of the biblical concept of “spirit” and what it means that God’s Spirit is personally present in all of creation. Ultimately, the Spirit was revealed through Jesus and sent out into the lives of his followers to bring about the new creation.

KIDS SPARKHOUSE Family Sunday School
  VIDEO intro w/Song
  VIDEO story  p.502 Spark Story Bible
  VIDEO closing, prayer & song

  Thinking of You  color this page and send to someone you miss
  Pinwheel art project  preview before attempting
Another Pinwheel art project  preview before attempting